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Gyeon Q²M Coating Applicator 2-Pack

Brand: GYEON


Gyeon Q²M Coating Applicator is designed for ceramic coating applications with its soft microfiber touch. Gyeon Q²M Coating Applicator is double-sided and without any sharp edges to avoid any risk of damage. Gyeon Q²M Coating Applicator is easy-to-use for the professional and DIY user, as it is perfect for all different surface types.

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Gyeon Q²M Coating Applicator is double-sided, each with its own purpose. One side is suede for a precise application and the other side is a short-hair microfiber. The lack of sharp edges helps to prevent risk of scratching or other damage. The perfect rectangle size fits right into the palm of your hand for a comfortable application.

GreenZ Car Care is GYEON‘s exclusive Indian distributor.


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