GYEON Q²M Degrease Tabs 10-pack

Brand: GYEON

Concentrated degreasing solution

This product is exclusive for our Affiliated Detailers and need to follow our process

This Certified Detailer-only product introduced for the first time in 2020 along with our INFINITE coatings, has been a highly requested item to be sold separately. Here we are, introducing the DegreaseTabs in 10-packs available for CertifiedDetailer!

What’s special about it?
Q²M DegreaseTabs formulation ensures an efficient and powerful lift of any oils remaining of the surface after your polishing stage. during your pre-coating wash.

Gyeon DegreaseTabs effectively removes grease after the polishing or paint correction phase. The best preparation for applying a coating. Complement to Gyeon Prep

10 pack (20 tabs)


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