GYEON Q²M PPF Installer Kit

Brand: GYEON


Gyeon’s Q²M PPF Installer Kit is a complete collection of tools that are essential for a successful PPF installation. The kit includes tools to cover all needs: With unique guided knife, a detail knife, a practical collection box for used knife blades, tweezers, a wide range of scrapers and installation gloves. With the help of these accessories, all the steps involved in the installation of PPF and vinyl go smoothly without any extra surprises, and the work goes smoothly even on uneven and difficult-to-shape shapes. With the PPF Installer Kit, you get all the professional-level accessories for your toolbox at once!

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When installing PPF in the paint, every detail matters. From the precision of your blades to the absorbency of your microfiber cloths. Low-quality tools will lead to uneven cuts, bubbles, and other imperfections that will compromise the efficiency, look, and overall quality of the installation. We are proud to offer some of the best tools and accessories designed for PPF installers.

Kit Includes:

Q2M PPF Squeegee set x1
Q2M PPF Guided cutter x1
Q2M PPF Gloves x1
Q2M PPF Cutter x1
Q2M PPF Cutter Blades x10
Q2M PPF Cutter blades trash x1
Q2M PPF Tweeters set x1

GreenZ Car Care is GYEON‘s exclusive Indian distributor.


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