Angelwax Essentials Wheel & Tyre Samples Pack

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Roll with Radiance!

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Transform the way you care for your wheels and tyres with the Angelwax Essential Wheel & Tyre Sample Pack.

This beautifully crafted bundle brings together the finest wheel & tyre care formulations to ensure your wheels gleam and your tyres radiate a rich, deep finish.

The Angelwax Essentials Packs make the ideal gift and they’re the ideal way to experience the myriad of products that Angelwax has to offer if you haven’t tried them before.

1 x  Bilberry RTU 100ml:  An advanced, ready-to-use wheel cleaner that effortlessly cuts through brake dust and road grime, leaving your wheels spotless and revitalised.

1 x Enigma Elixir 100ml: There is no better way to finish your detail process than with our cutting-edge ceramic tyre dressing. This revolutionary tyre dressing provides a protective shield that leaves a superb sheen on your tyres while ensuring long-lasting, ceramic durability.

1 x Bilberry Wheel Wax 30ml: Elevate your wheel protection to new heights. This hard, premium wheel sealant creates a barrier against contaminants, making maintenance a breeze and leaving your wheels with a captivating, high-gloss finish.

Wax Applicator: Specially designed for easy and precise application of our Bilberry Wheel Wax.

1 x Tyre Dressing Applicator:  Achieve the perfect finish on your tyres with our dedicated applicator, designed to evenly distribute the Angelwax tyre dressing of your choice!



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