Auto care In India

Before GreenZ

Most of the Indian car owners were happy using detergent and hair shampoo for cleaning cars. Obviously, the application pads used were worn-out-and-discarded clothes!!! The interior cleaning products used were disastrous, leaving the interiors oily and sticky. And specific paint protectors, tyre/plastic/glass cleaners were unheard of!!

And auto detailing was limited to crude service stations who used diesel and soap for cleaning and cheap waxes for polishing. The idea of detailing ended there! Professional car detailing was never done, instead indiscriminate “paint-rubbing” using big-sized wool pads with heavy rotary machines.

The most advanced paint protection then offered was the “Teflon coating”

What We Done

We created the premium car care market in India and introduced many international brands such as CarPro, Gtechniq, Nanolex, Gyeon, Collinite, Kamikaze, Angelwax, Kestrel, Scholl Concepts, WorkStuff, Poka Premium etc.

We introduced “Ceramic Coating“, a new technology in car care then.

GreenZ Car Care supports DIY car care enthusiasts & professional car detailers in India by providing the best products, tools, accessories and technical knowledge.

We bring the latest technologies after thorough testing, we have partnered with the best and experienced chemical R&D companies across the world, which give us 1st hand experience and early adoption of any latest technology trend in car care.

We have best prices for the best products in the market and we also have order value based discounts for you irrespective of the level you are in. And we run sales promotions time to time, please check our sales & promotions page for more details. If you are looking for franchise opportunities, please contact us.