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Introducing the Angelwax Essentials Graphene and Ceramic Sample Pack – an extraordinary collection that merges the groundbreaking properties of graphene and ceramic technologies. Elevate your detailing experience with our ATOMIC and ENIGMA formulations, meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled protection and a world class finish.

What’s Included:

ATOMIC SHAMPOO (100ml): Immerse your vehicle in the future of car care. Our graphene-infused ATOMIC SHAMPOO not only cleans but leaves behind a layer of advanced protection, enhancing the depth and gloss of your vehicle’s finish.

ATOMIC QED – Quick Detailer (100ml): Experience rapid, graphene-based rejuvenation. ATOMIC QED quick detailer effortlessly boosts the gloss and protection of your vehicle between washes, ensuring a shine of epic proportions!

ENIGMA SHAMPOO (100ml): Harness the power of ceramics. Our ENIGMA SHAMPOO is formulated with ceramic technology, providing an unmatched level of cleaning and protection for your vehicle’s exterior surfaces.

ENIGMA QED – Quick Detailer (100ml): Unleash the brilliance of ceramics on the go! ENIGMA QED quick detailer enhances the gloss of all exterior vehicle surfaces as well as vehicles treated with ceramic-coatings, leaving a slick, hydrophobic finish that repels contaminants.



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