Duragloss Total Performance Polish # 105


Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection delivers a high gloss shine in an easy-to-apply, liquid paint sealant. The synthetic sealant with Polycharger polymers offers months of protection and a depth of shine similar to a carnauba wax.

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Duragloss Total Performance Polish # 105 is a synthetic Polymer/Wax Formula. Super-tough coating forms a protective barrier which protect against acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings and other environmental pollutants.

Duragloss Total Performance Polish is a cleaner and polish in one that improves and protects the paint surface for an incredibly durable finish. The tough, synthetic coating stands up to harsh environmental conditions such as pollution, acid rain, intense sun, sap, and bird droppings. The durable finish protects paint for up to one year. Duragloss Total Performance Polish is so durable that it resists both acidic and alkaline cleaners.
Preserve and protect your vehicle’s paint for up to a year from adverse weather, environmental pollution, acidic and alkaline cleaners, with Duragloss Total Performance Polish #105.


For best results clay the paint first with GreenZ Clay bar and polish with GreenZ Heavy Cut Compound 600 Single-step Polish.

Hand Application: Always use on a cool surface out of direct sunlight. Apply a quarter size amount of product on a dry applicator pad and wipe on the surface using small, circular motions. Allow 105 to dry before buffing. Buff haze with a clean GreenZ Master Cleaning Microfiber Towel.


16 oz.


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