GYEON Marketing Materials – 2

Brand: GYEON

This product is exclusive for our Affiliated Detailers and need to follow our process

Gyeon Leaflet All Products X 5
Gyeon Leaflet Exterior Surface Protection X 5
Gyeon Leaflet Interior Surface Protection X 5
Gyeon Leaflet Cleaning & Decontamination X 5
Gyeon Leaflet Accessories X 5
Certified Detailer Service leaflet X 5
Wash Bucket Stickers X 3
Gyeon hangers PPF X 5
#gyeonized Sticker Gold 17,9 mm x 100 mm X 5
Gyeon hangers X 5
Gyeon hangers red X 5
Gyeon Calendar X 1
Gyeon Wheel Cover X 1
Gyeon Magazine X 1
Gyeon Banner X 1


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