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The perfect tool for the polishing process. Surface preparation is a key factor in the overall result of the detailing process and influences coating performance and durability. Removing polishing oils safely and effectively has just become much easier. With the 310GSM, double-sided Q²M PolishWipe EVO, inspection and polish removal get easy and simple

Q2M PolishWipe has two sides, with two different lengths of fiber. It’s edgeless, fabricated with the laser-cut technology, for safety and durability of the fiber itself. And surely this is one of the best microfibers in the market when it comes to removing polishing pastes and all types of oily residue. No matter if you in the middle of your paint correction or if you just like to use it with Q2M PREP before applying the coating.

The Q2M Polish Wipe features a laser cut, dual-length, 80:20 (polyester:polyamide) weave that is optimised for removing oil-rich residues. The completely edgeless, tag-free design virtually eliminates the risk of causing any fresh surface marring, and makes this towel ideal for buffing off polish residues and for doing preparation wipe downs with GYEON Q2M PREP.

Please check our microfiber towel guide for more details of microfiber towels, towel care and different types of towels and their usages.


Blend: 80:20 (Polyester:Polyamide)
Weight: 310 gsm
Edge: Edge-less (Lacer Cut)


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