Meguiars Ultimate Polish

Brand: Meguiar's


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Meguiars Ultimate Polish is one of the best general purpose car polish you need to maintain the ultimate gloss.

  • This pre-waxing glaze eliminates/hides fine swirl marks to produce deep, wet reflections with high gloss.
  • Ultimate Polish also adds depth of color, especially on dark-colored cars, & leaves the paint finish incredibly clear & glossy with mirror-like reflections.
  • The Ultimate pre-treatment before Waxing.

Use a wax or sealant followed by Meguiars Ultimate Polish for keeping the gloss level for long.


1. Dispense a small amount of product in to soft foam applicator pad.
2. Apply to 1 section at a time using moderate pressure in a circle pattern, making 4-6 overlapping passes per section.
3. Wipe dry with a polishing microfiber.
4. Turn to clean portion of the towel for the final wipe.

Kindly note: This is a filler heavy polish, so leaves oils behind that hide swirls. If you wish to achieve proper correction you need to use a Polishing Compound like GreenZ Heavy Cut Compound 600,  Scholls S17, Scholl Concepts S3 Gold High Performance Compound etc.

473 ml


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