Meguiar’s Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel

Brand: Meguiar's


Greatly reduces drying time with fewer wring-outs. Absorbs up to two times the water of traditional terry towels. Leaves a spot-free finish without streaking. Reusable and machine washable

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Greatly reduces drying time with fewer wring-outs Absorbs up to two times the water of traditional terry towels Leaves a spot-free finish without streaking Reusable and machine washable Large 22″ x 30″ waffle texture microfiber towel



Large 22″ x 30″ waffle texture microfiber towel
Edge: Sewn


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Microfiber Care

  • Always wash new microfiber towels prior to first use to remove any loose factory production fibers.
  • Always keep used/dirty microfiber towels in a separate bin from your regular laundry to reduce the risk of accidentally damaging your valuable microfiber by washing them together.
  • Better to use color coded towels for different purpose which will help to reduce the chance of cross contamination.
  • Do not wash Microfiber products with fabric softener, fabric Softener will clog the micro-pours in the microfiber fabric that suck up water and dust. 
  • Do not use bleach, bleach will break down and erode the integrity of the split microfiber strands, your towels will lose their absorbency, and dust clinging ability, they will become rough and ineffective.
  • Don’t dry too hot, microfiber is like a plastic. If you heat it up too much it will melt, and will lose cleaning effectiveness, machine wash up to 60 Degree is normally fine.
  • Machine Wash in Warm Water with a Mild, Clean-Rinsing Liquid Detergent that is as Free of Dyes and Perfumes as Possible.
  • Do not Iron microfiber towels.


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