Poka Premium 6 handles Brush Holder


High quality, ergonomic and neat brush holder

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High quality, ergonomic and neat brush holder

It has space for 6 brushes. Designed for the effective use of space at work. Made of 1.5 mm galvanized metal sweet. The narrow arms of the handle match most of the holes in the brush handles. The distance between the arm and the wall is 5 cm. Finally coated with a powder finish, both inside and outside, to provide an additional protective layer against oxidation. As in all our products there are no sharp corners which make it safety in use.

It can be mounted on Poka Premium detailing trolley with modulate legs (multi hole legs) as a additional hanger

Length: 40 cm
Width from the wall: 5 cm
Height: 3,5 cm

*screws not included



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