Poka Premium Quality Car Cover – SUV


Premium quality SUV car cover for indoor use.

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Premium quality SUV car cover for indoor use.

Made of extremely delicate and flexible material, it adapts to the silhouette of the car, emphasising its shape. The densely woven, breathable material protects the vehicle from dust and other contaminants. The cover is light and soft, making it very comfortable to put on and take off from the car.

The cover is made of high-quality materials characterised by high velvety and flexibility, preventing the formation of blemishes during use. The cover is perfect for the presentation of the delivered car to the customer. Charm your client and make him feel special. We guarantee that the effect will pay off with its every opinion among friends.

Washing: 30 degrees in the washing machine with gentle spin

Colours Available:  Black, Red
Cover size: SUV


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