Collinite Marine Cleaner Medium Cutting Compound 920

Brand: Collinite
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First step compound for moderate oxidation and staining leaves a high gloss, wax ready shine.

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The ideal pre-wax item, No.920 cuts fast and finishes smooth-removing film, mild-moderate UV oxidation/chalkiness, discoloration, and tough stains from fiberglass. Easy-to-use compound restores original color and gloss to facilitate the easy application of Collinite’s last step waxes; improving wax bond, spread/coverage and durability.

Application By Hand
• Place a nickel sized amount of product on an applicator pad.
• Rub in well over a section no bigger than a 2×2 ft. Use firm pressure and rub until just before product starts to dry. Buff off with a microfiber towel to reveal a crisper, darker and more reflective finish.
Application By Machine
• Place 5 small pea size dots onto buffing pad. Do not over saturate pad. Only a small amount of product is needed.
• Place pad on panel and turn on buffer to 5800 pm. Make 2-3 section passes with firm pressure no larger than a 2×2 ft section. Lower machine speed to 4800 opm and make an additional 2-3 passes with less pressure. Buff until just before product dries. Never dry buff.
• Wipe off product residue from panel to reveal a clean, glossy, beautiful finish.

  • Available in 16 fl oz and 64 fl oz
  • Average Spread/Coverage: 250-500 sq feet

Collinite FAQ

Size: 16 oz.



Place finger over cap and shake well before using. Surface should be pre-cleaned, dry and feel lukewarm to the touch. Apply small amount of No.325 to microfiber applicator pad and spread evenly across 2x2ft section at a time. Rub as necessary to loosen surface contaminants/light oxidation. As product begins to dry, polish off with dry microfiber towel. Reapply as necessary for stubborn contamination. To obtain added protective durability on clean surface, follow up with one of Collinite’s last step waxes (No. 845, 476 or 915).

Use a microfiber towel (like GreenZ Gold All Purpose towel) with a medium nap to remove the cleaner.

1 review for Collinite Marine Cleaner Medium Cutting Compound 920

5.00 out of 5 stars

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    5 out of 5

    Manohar Rao

    Very nice product for DIYs like me, though its branded as Marine, we can use it on cars & bikes without any issues.

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