BMW X1 Protected with GreenZ Infinity Shield Gold Package

This BMW X1 owner, a senior executive in an IT major came to us with a typical problem, due to insufficient covered parking at his office, his car has to be parked underneath trees for 8-10 hours a day, and lots of tree saps and tiny berries would fall on the car and because of that lots of staining and thus paint would quickly become dull.

As a complete auto-care brand, we also provide bespoke solution to our customer’s car care problems. And our service team visited the site and after the survey we proposed a solution towards applying PPF on his whole car for a durable and long-lasting solution as the wax or sealants or ceramic coating might not fit due to this extreme condition.

BMW X1 was washed using Gyeon Q2M Foam, then cleaned the tyres and wheels using GreenZ APC and done the decontamination using our Clay and Gyeon Q2M Iron & Gyeon Q2M Tar.

Paint corrected using GreenZ Heavy Cut Compound 600 with Orange pad and finished using GreenZ Ultra Finish Polish 4500

After wiping with GreenZ All Purpose Microfiber Towel , Cleaned the polish residue with Gyeon Q2M Prep

Our experienced PPF technician installed GreenZ Infinity Shield GOLD PPF, which is self-healing on the paint surface carefully without having any stretch marks and any other defects.

Topped up with GYEON Q² CANCOAT EVO as sacrificial layer and for easy maintenance. And applied GreenZ Infinity Silver Coat on the Wheels, external plastics and windshield.

We are open and transparent and update the customers with work-in-progress pictures and provide accurate measurements in the case of PPF (as PPF will be charged per sq.ft.), and we also educate customers with the maintenance, advantages and limitations, unlike competition always over-hype!

We delivered BMW X1 on time and got a happy customer!

BMW X1 With GreenZ Gold Package Wheel Protection e1664096488624 Car Care

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