Actor Tovino Thomas Audi Q6 with GreenZ Car Care Protection

Actor Tovino Thomas’s Audi Q7 | GreenZ Infinity Coat Silver

Tovino Thomas is one of the very popular actor in Malayalam film industry, he contacted us to reclaim the beauty of his beast Audi Q7. Our detailing process will be driven by four phases such as Interaction Phase, Inspection Phase, Planing Phase and Execution Phase.

During the Interaction phase with Tovino Thomas, it was confirmed that the car has lots of swirls and scratches, and he confessed that due to his busy schedules, depended automatic car washing centres for washing the car and their love made those paint defects like swirls and scratches. When you wash your cars in automatic car washing centres while it cleans your car, it also induces some reasonable amount of swirls on the car body, so be aware about this fact!

While our Inspection phase, we checked the thickness of the paint using our paint thickness gauge (this will help us to know the polishability of the paint, most of the  detailers skip this process and end-up in removing the clear coat left on the paint without noticing), we found that some panels were repainted and that also created some other issues on other panels – severe overspray on many places.

On the bonnet we found lots of deep scratches which was one of the major concern for Mr. Tovino Thomas and severe orange peel was there on almost everywhere (Please check our paint correction guide to know more about orange peel).  The car was contaminated with tar, water-spots and carbon deposits.

We completed our inspection of Tovino Thomas’s car with a conclusion that it requires a good paint correction to get rid of the swirls and scratches, it also require deep interior detailing as the interior was kind of neglected. Normally Audi car’s used to paint with water-based paints and topped-up with Glasurit clear coat from Germany, they are hard paints.

During our Planning phase our strategy finalised for this car was GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 with GreenZ Denim Pad to remove orange peel and deep scratches. To remove  Severe scratches, we planned to use GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 along with our GreenZ Hybrid White Heavy Cutting Foam Pad

Then use GreenZ Heavy Cut Compound 600 with our GreenZ Hybrid Orange Medium Cutting Foam Pad to remove swirls and minor and medium scratches. Finally use our GreenZ UltraFinish Polish 4500 and GreenZ Hybrid Black Finishing Foam Pad on a DA polisher which will bring mirror finish for the paint surface. Unlike our competitions, the excellent combination of our compounds and pads enable us to use two-step correction in most of the situations and save a lots of clear coat on our customers cars.

The overspray was taken out using Gyeon Q²M CLAY and used  Gyeon Q²M TAR and  Gyeon Q²M IRON for decontamination.

We used GYEON Q² MOHS EVO Kit which is phps-based glass coating and the hardest coating available in the market which is 9H certified by Korean agency KTR (Korean Testing & Research Institute) and Singapore agency SGS.


  • Washed the car using Gyeon Q²M BATHE and dried thoroughly
  • Tar decontamination using Gyeon Q²M TAR
  • Iron decontamination using Gyeon Q²M IRON
  • Clayed using Gyeon Q²M CLAY with  Gyeon Q²M CLAY LUBE
  • Interior is thoroughly cleaned and detailed
  • Complete exterior & interior detailing
  • Water spot removal from glass using GreenZ Windshield MDR
  • Grill, Logos & Emblem cleaning using GreenZ MDR
  • Machine polishing to enhance gloss and to remove scratches, marring & sanding marks from the paint work With GreenZ proprietary paint correction framework
  • Paint Protection with two layers of GYEON Q² MOHS EVO ceramic coating
  • Topped with One Layer of Gyeon Quartz Cure as sacrificial layer
  • Glass Protection with Gyeon Q² View for clear and glare free driving in heavy rains and night
  • Exterior Plastic Protection with Gyeon Q² Trim against fading and ageing due to UV
  • Alloy Wheel Protection with Gyeon Q² Rim
  • Tyres & Rubber Protection with Gyeon Q² Tire for easy cleaning
  • Interior Vinyl & Plastic surface were cleaned using our special Gyeon Q²M VinylCleaner and then protected with Gyeon Q² Preserve for UV protection against fading
  • Interior Leather and seats were cleaned using leather sensitive cleaner Gyeon Q²M LeatherCleaner and then protected using Gyeon Q² LeatherCoat
  • Floors were cleaned and protected with Gyeon Q² FabricCoat 

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The fotos are below, hope you guys like them, please post if you have any comments/queries.

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