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Top 5 Reasons Why you should detail your car?

Benefits of Car Detailing

Car Detailing is a process to restore the beauty of a car by removing the imperfections and defects on the car body surfaces such as painted surface, tyres and wheels, plastic parts, interiors like dashboard, seats, door trims etc.

Car detailers use polishing and cleaning processes to achieve the perfect finish without affecting the health of the vehicles. Indiscriminate paint correction can affect the paint thickness, hence a good detailer will always understand the polish-ability of the car and plan the polishing strategy.

Unlike many think, detailing is not just polishing, it’s much beyond that. 

Ageing is an inevitable natural process and it’s applicable to our vehicles as well. Car Detailing removes the ageing signs and helps to slow-down the ageing process. Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of car detailing.

1. Clean Interior & Exterior

The first stage in car detailing is cleaning & decontamination. This ensures that your car is free from dusts, dirts and other contaminants which makes the car look dull and cause corrosion and other damages to the finish. The accumulation of break dusts on wheels and other areas close to the wheels can create corrosion, a proper wheel cleaning with Iron decontamination using a wheel cleaner like GYEON Q²M Iron WheelCleaner keeps the wheel from all iron fallouts and other debris.

Frequent cleaning car interior is very important in these Covid pandemic times. Hence cleaning the interior of your car with cleaner like GYEON Q²M InteriorDetailer make sure that it’s dirt-free as well as germ-free.

2. Restore the “Factory” finish

After some usage, the car looks dull in it’s look and you might need to do something to restore the original finish and that can be done using “car detailing”. The second phase of the car detailing is called Correction.

By polishing, the scratches, oxidation and other imperfections on the car paint can be removed and bring back the glory of your car. Compounds & Polishes are used to perform this.

3. Preserve the finish

The protection products such as waxes, Sealants, Ceramic Coatings and PPFs can seal the finish from external abuses and preserve the beauty of your car. This enable your car to look beautiful for months, if not years based on your maintenance.

Car Detailing could bring back the lost-glory of your car, but then what next? how do you preserve the look? The answer is to seal the surface from external environment by applying wax or sealants or ceramic coating or PPF etc.

Choosing the right protection which suits your requirement and pocket is also very important and never compromise the quality over cost.

4. Slow down Ageing Process

Since your car is protected, the ageing process will be slowed down as the surface will be sealed from external abuses. Each part of the car can be protected and there are special products available for each areas such as paint, wheels, tyres, plastics, leather etc.

5. Better Resale Value

Even after years if your car looks new, then the resale value will be definitely higher and that will be the dividends you get out of proper maintenance of the car along with appreciation and pride you get with the better look of the car

Please check our blog on car detailing to know more on car detailing and how to do it. Also, check our guide on paint correction.

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