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10 Tips To Start A Car Detailing Business

10 Tips To Start A Car Detailing Business

Car detailing has become a new trend in Indian market and is one of the lucrative option to those who wants to start a medium business. It is a fact that car detailing can be a great way to earn a living and run a successful business. One of the main attraction to auto detailing business is the low investment and the less time to establish. Let’s discuss the 10 tips to start a detailing business and the challenges around this business.

Tip 1: Get a Quality Car Detailing Training

Auto Detailing business is a skill-based business like most of the service oriented business. Hence you need a skilled work force which is properly trained by a reputed training institute like GreenZ Car Detailing Academy. It’s better to get yourself also trained along with your team so that it helps you to understand the process involved. Detailing training explains the product combination for different situations and the process need to be followed to get the best results.

Tip 2: Get Hands-on Detailing Experience

Auto detailing training can give you better introduction on the detailing products, tools, processes. But it cannot give you the skill, and that needs to be gained with experience. So it’s better to get some reasonable hand-on experience before you start your actual business. You can also talk to your trainer for any shadowing opportunity in their detailing outlets so that you get some practice. Better to do a soft-launch of the service before the grand opening of your business to get some experience to test the learnings and test the process which definitely add to your confidence.

Tip 3: Find the Right Location

Location is very important in car detailing business in India. In US & Europe, many car detailing businesses are mostly located outside the city center. But in India many start in the city center or very close to it, this might cost you more rent and you might need to recover it from your customer, so always keep a balance between the proximity of the city and the rental expense. But you need to find a place with better road access and ample parking place. Do some good research to identify a location which is close to some good residential area and offices, that will bring you more business. Also, choose the location based on your target customer base.

Tip 4: Invest in Proper Tools, Chemicals & Accessories

Never compromise on your detailing products such as chemicals, machines, tools, accessories etc.

Tip 5: Create a Good Marketing Plan

In this modern market, reaching out to the potential needs good marketing strategy. Though traditional marketing is good, need new-gen marketing tools such as social media and other digital marketing techniques. Create profiles in various social media Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Also, create google business page with your business address. Having a website sounds luxury but can be considered.

Tip 6: Manage Your Competitors

Having a healthy relationship with your competition is very important as they are also helping to create a market which is not very huge at the moment. One reason you might face will be under-cutting and this can be avoided when you have healthy relationships with your competition. Under-cutting is definitely an un-healthy way to run a business and in an under-cutting scenario, nobody gets benefitted, including the customer as many tend to dilute the process or use inferior quality products to deliver to survive.

Tip 7: Be Loyal to The Brands You Use

Need to be loyal is extremely important in a service business, customers are smart and they can feel your inconsistency in loyalty when you switch brands. They relate your inconsistency on your loyalty to your confidence in using the brands you use.

Tip 8: Never Do Any ShortCuts

Shortcuts always result compromises and hence the customer experience & satisfaction due to the quality issues. You charge a customer for a package which has definitive process and products to be used. Hence, you should not do any shortcut in thew process and use any inferior quality products.

Tip 9: Work As a Team

In a service business, your team is very important and make them feel as a part of the team. Make them accountable for the success and gift them, so that they feel the accountability at the time of failures as well.

Tip 10: Update With The Trends

Car detailing is facing lots of upgrades in the technology and updating with them is not so easy. In GreenZ Car Care, we take that responsibility and helps our affiliates
& detailers with the latest technology and products.

At GreenZ Car Care, we support people who wants to setup premium car detailing business and we have GreenZ Affiliation model which helps to start and run the car detailing business successfully.

Please check our car detailing process for more on the process of premium car detailing.

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