Chevrolet Cruze | GreenZ Pro Series Paint Protection – Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat – Roadster Mysore

This is done by our affiliated detailer, Roadster from Mysore.

This car came for protection with one of the rare demand – No paint correction and clear-coat removal, the owner was very particular on not removing any clear-coat, so we suggested our unique product Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat.

Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat is a state of the art sealant designed to use with a dual action polisher to hide scratches and swirls without removing any paint. It provides chemical-based filling characteristics that work particularly well on soft and delicate paints.


Washed the car using Gyeon Q2M BATHE and dried thoroughly and then tar decontamination using Gyeon Q2M TAR and Iron decontamination using Gyeon Q2M IRON.

Clayed using Gyeon Q2M CLAY with  Gyeon Q2M CLAY LUBE. Polished with Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat using special Kamikaze Final Fiber Buff Pad with DA machine.

Exhausts pipes were polished using Wenol Red and Wenol Blue used to polish plated metal like the wheels.

After polishing, applied Kamikaze Miyabi Coat and followed up with Kamikaze Infinity Wax, and wow a candy glow on this black beauty.


The fotos are below, hope you guys like them, please post if you have any comments/queries.

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