DIY Car Detailing Workshop

DIY Car Care Workshop – Duster Club of India

GreenZ Car Care conducted a DIY Car Care work shop with Duster Club of India (DCi) members of Bangalore.

Started with introduction of car care, various car care stages based on the GreenZ process, washing techniques, interior cleaning and protection, wheel & tyre cleaning and protection, decontamination techniques like claying, tar removal, iron contamination removal etc.

Followed up with paint correction and paint protection techniques. Also done the practical sessions on washing using Angelwax Shampoo, claying with Gyeon Clay, Iron contamination removal, paint correction using our polishing pal and 4″ pads with GreenZ Heavy Cut compound 350 and finished using GreenZ Final Polish 4500. Finally protected with easy to use spray sealant GYEON Q²M Cure.

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