Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph Speed Triple Gyeonified using Prime

Our affiliated detailer from Mumbai, OCD Detail Studio applied Gyeon Q2 Prime on this Triumph Speed Triple.

Application Details:

Triumph Speed Triple was washed with Gyeon Q²M Bathe, iron & tar decontaminated using Gyeon Q²M Iron and Gyeon Q²M Tar along with Gyeon Q²M Clay.

Done the following steps on the Triumph Speed Triple:

– Deep cleaning using on Triumph Speed Triple APC and degreaser.
– Iron decontamination using Gyeon Q²M Iron
– Tar decontamination using Gyeon Q²M Tar
– Polishing of metal surfaces using Wenol Red.
– Engine cleaning and protection using Gyeon Q² Rim
– Paint correction.
– Ceramic quartz coating using Gyeon Q² Prime

We have defined GreenZ Car Care quality standards for our affiliated detailers to ensure the quality for our ranges of coatings like GYEON, Kamikaze Collections, Angelwax, Collinite etc.

Triumph Speed Triple
Triumph Speed Triple

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