Car Detailing Guide – By Mike Philip, the detailing Guru

Mike Phillips, Autogeek’s Director of Training, Mike Phillips is a world-renowned expert in the field of auto detailing, both as a professional detailer and instructor. Mike has over 36+ years of real-world, hands-on experience with just about every detailing tool and product available. With Mike’s latest book, The Complete Guide to a Show Car Shine, you can start your detailing with his vast knowledge and expertise to learn how to create a flawless, show-car quality finish in your own garage.

Mike Phillips The Complete Guide to a Show Car Shine walks you through the process of restoring your paint to perfection! Learn how to transform your paint from a swirled out mess…

The Complete Guide to a Show Car Shine includes all the steps necessary to transform your vehicle’s paint from dull and lifeless to high-glossy head turner.

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