Matte finish paint care

Why Matte Paint should be maintained with care?

What’s Matte Paint Finish?

On a matte- finish, the clear-coat has countless microscopic dimples and dents, which prevent light from reflecting directly. Instead of shine and reflection, light scatters on the clear-coat and creates less reflective, hazier, and very unique surface which is “matte-finish”.

The challenges and solutions in matte paint maintenance

Cleaning or Washing the car – Since the paint scratch repair on matte finish cars is neither easy nor cheap, you should avoid any chances of getting the paint surface scratched or swirled. So you must take utmost care while washing or cleaning your matte finish car, hence do the washing or cleaning yourself with special matte friendly shampoos and soft microfiber products or get it done by a professional and stay away from the regular car washing guys.

We have special shampoo and QD (Quick Detailer) for matte-finish. The Angelwax matte QED is a specially formulated QD for matte-finish. Angelwax has matte shampoos which will not add any gloss to the matte-finish. 

Paint Defects – Even a single small scratch will get highlighted and stand out more on a matte surface compared to the one on a glossy surface. And you can’t just remove the scratches from matte-finish as paint correction process or polishing will turn the matte-finish to a glossy one. Hence, you will have only two options: a complete expensive repaint or live with the scratch.

Paint care for matte-finish is very different from gloss-finish. The paint should not be polished or waxed with normal wax because it will give the paint an unwanted shine. So we have special matte-finish protection products which protect the matte-finish from any kind of defects and reduce the matte-finish maintenance issues.

Angelwax has Luminosity Matte Wax, special matte wax for the protection which unlike other traditional waxes, will not add any gloss to the matte-finish. We have special coatings like GreenZ Matte Coat to protect the matte-finishes which give durability in years.

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